How to Keep Children Entertained at Your Wedding

How to Keep Children Entertained at Your Wedding


Should we invite kids to our wedding? This is one question that every couple ask themselves as they plan their wedding and create their guest list.

Most couples already have friends and family members who have children so this can be a tough decision. Children have a tendency to get bored and fussy quite easily, something that can turn your wedding into a noisy affair.  

If you do decide that you want to include children in your big celebration, you’ll want to make sure that they’re happy and entertained at all times.

Here are a few fun ideas for keeping those little bodies busy during your wedding.

Create an epic kids table

Setting up a few kids tables with various activities is one of the best ways to keep smaller guests busy for hours, especially during the speeches. Add games, puzzles, activity and coloring books to the tables so that the kids can choose something that appeals to them. You could also add a few goodie bags to the table that contain treats, bubbles or  small toys.

Include them in the wedding activities

Wedding Ceremony Coloring Page- One Clipboard with a sheet of paper with a bride and groom with a mini box of crayons * wrap the crayons in ribbon that match the wedding colors and with smarties or a lollipop*  Add instructions listed on the paper. This is a coloring contest to do while the ceremony is taking place. They need to color the bride and groom while the vows are taking place and fill in any colors that they see. Then write their names on the paper.  The best-colored picture wins a prize at the reception.

Another fun ceremony idea: BUBBLES!

Kids love bubble, and they are inexpensive. We could provide a basket with small things of wedding bubbles with a sign “Kids- Help yourself to some bubbles” or “LOVE IS IN THE AIR.”

*Bubbles are also great for pictures and fun*

Let them spend time outdoors

If the weather is warm on the day, set up a few outdoor games such as Jenga or activities such as hula-hoops. If the children are a little older, you can also set up a crafts table that they can use to create props for a photo booth or a wedding memento for their parents.

Ideas for “Babies under 1”

We could setup blankets and pillow station and baby-safe toys that parents could bring or provide. We will have kid friendly music playing and baby Puffs

Side note: The parents could either bring their baby swing or contact our local church for baby swings and toys. They let you borrow a whole nursey with five swings and toys for a small donation to the church.


Toddlers love to run around and have fun. Getting them to sit for very long periods can be changeling but not if we offer fun activities for them to do.

Design a treasure hunt – with party favor RINGS for the girls & LED light-up bracelets for the boys or both.

Finger paint is fun but can be messy- but not the way we do it :)  In a zip lock bag, put a piece of paper in it, add finger paint, close up the ziplock bag, and wiggle their little fingers around to make Art. Take it out- let it dry and cut it into a heart and place it on a white paper, and there is your paper art. And no mess. I perfect gift to the happy couple from the kiddoes.

Make smiling faces with cut-up vegetables *vegetables provided by the caterer*

Have Storytime/Puppet Music/ with counting and ABC time.

“Ages 4 to 12”

Play Post office- Have them draw a picture or write a letter to the bride and groom. Then put it in an envelope, lick it, close it, put a sticker on it like a stamp, walk over, and put it in the basket. The basket will then go to the gift table for the happy couple to read with the other adult cards and gifts. A nice treat for the couple to read later.

I Spy Games- Send the kids on a mission to “Snap” photos of everything on the printable list. FOR example, I spy “A white dress.” “Something blue.” “ A bridesmaid without her shoes.” “A yummy cake.” “Guest smiling” and “people dancing in place”  – make them into teams and give them polaroid cameras to “SNAP” the images and cross it off the list.

A Cookie Decorating Station- Have the caterer or the bakery who does the wedding cake provide sugar cookies in different shapes with different color frosting and sprinkles and marshmallows and let them design their cookies.


Building our Love Brick by Brick” has large Legos or Lincoln logs with a sign for them to build something.

Love Connect Connection Game *connect four*

Tic-Tac-Toe Bean Bag Toss Game

END of Night Activity – The Black Light Room- ask the venue for a closet or small separate room to put up black lights and neon scotch tape for the floor that will light up. Then pass out the rest of the LED Glow sticks and turn some music on for them and let them have a dance party.

Diamond Ring Pinata- winner of the coloring contest and other winners, get first dips. Fill a bag of candy to take home. ?

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