What does a wedding planner do?

What does a wedding planner do?


What Does A Wedding Planner Do?  And Is It Worth It?

What does a wedding planner do you ask! And being on a budget, is it worth it?

Let me first ask you this...

Where are you in the planning progress? Are you just newly engaged and  starting off from scratch? Or have you been planning for a while and having a hard time getting the right momentum to complete your wedding checklist?

After you get engaged, you may spend hours juggling work, friends, family, and a household..... Oh, and wait you're newly fiancé needs attention.

You may spend time scrolling through bridal magazines looking up stuff on Pinterest, trying to find the right caterer and the proper venue space. What are your colors going to be? What type of theme do you want? How do you get this all done!!!

And how does it go from your Pinterest page to your actual wedding day?

How have you been managing to work all day and calling wedding vendors at night? Oh wait, some wedding vendors are close at 5 pm, which can make things interesting. How are you doing all of this?

Not only does a planner have you in their best interest, but they are also going to negotiate with vendors to get you the right price. There are ways to get you what you want; we just have to get a little creative and crafty. And this can all be done while you're at work :)

Wouldn't that be nice!

Planners will fight for your wedding vision and keep everything on track
. In addition to helping you stay within budget and supervising sticky details like legal contracts, they will fight for your wedding day vision from start to finish.

Trust me; your partner will be happy you got a planner. There are only so many details that they care to talk about.

And besides, isn't it nice to have somebody in your corner who can help bounce ideas off and bring your vision to life?

So is hiring a planner helpful to you to ease the stress of planning your wedding-  The answer to that is Yes!

And might save you money in the long run.

Read this Comment from Jennifer Cunningham

In my opinion, a planner is totally worth it. But I have a pretty demanding job and am honestly not that into wedding planning in my limited free time. So far, we've saved money on every vendor because my planner gets a discount, so it's been a pretty positive experience. Plus, your planner should be super organized and handle all of the contracts, set up, organize the day of, and arrange for the cleanup and pickup of the rental items after the reception. I don't want to spend my wedding day fretting about anything, so a planner is a way to go.

Thanks, Jennifer, for that excellent feedback!

So needless to say, I think we've answered a few of your questions here, who else will work 250 to 400 hours to plan your wedding?


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